New Fusion Colours 2022



We are thrilled to show you the reveal of our 9 new colour shades.
We want this to be an explosion of colour and to step a little away from our bright aesthetic and go into this moody, rich and dark direction we hope you will love as much as we do.
⭐️ Oakham–Rooted in grey, this dark neutral is balanced in its warm brown and bronze undertones. A complex, dark shade that is bound to make its way into the foundation of any colour palette.
⭐️Winchester –this baroque inspired burgundy will capture you with its enduring character. Confident and distinct, this shade creates an unwavering mood.
⭐️Highlander – a deep, powerful scarlet red inspired by our family’s tartan worn through the low and highlands of Scotland. This shade is as timeless as Scotland herself.
⭐️Everett – an aged and weathered olive green with subtle bronze undertones. This complicated colour is earthy, tranquil and grounding.
⭐️Manor Green – an opulent, deep green inspired by traditional homes and landscapes. This saturated shade leans confidently into its black undertones and has lived in historic beauty that will be loved for centuries more.
⭐️Elderberry  – a vibrant yet sophisticated purple, this shade brings a moody and deliciously calculated drop of colour into any space.
⭐️Chestler – a complicated blue green that is boasting with depth and intention. This shade will make you stop and dive into its abyss of colour.
⭐️Willowbank – a classic navy with a vibrant twist. These rich tones will effortlessly tap a little energy into any space.
⭐️Conservatory – This green and her tones are all about abundance and over flow. Inspired by the Craftsman era, this shade brings historic richness. Just as its namesake suggests, this fresh mid tone green is overflowing with colour. A classic and inspiring pop of colour for any space.

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Chestler, Conservatory, Elderberry, Everett, Highlander, Manor Green, Oakham, Willowbank, Winchester


37ml tester pot, 500ml