Fusion Mineral Paint



Fusion is a zero VOC water-based paint created for exceptional adhesion, durability, performance and longevity.
Minimal prep is required to give you that everlasting look and appeal.
For harder to cover surfaces such as melamine, lacquer, laminate, or thermofoil, an Ultra Grip undercoating is required.
Product cures to a matte sheen. Clear Tough Coat available for high traffic areas such as table tops, and chairs.
Always test your paint in an inconspicuous area first.
500ml container cover 75 sq. ft. or 7meters square.
Available in a range of colors.

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Algonquin, Ash, Azure, Bayberry, Bedford, Bellwood, Blue Pine, Brook, Buttermilk Cream, Casement, Cashmere, Cathedral Taupe, Champlain, Champness, Chateau, Chocolate, Coal Black, Cobblestone, Coral, Cranberry, CUREiously Pink, Damask, Eucalyptus, Fort York Red, French Eggshell, Hazelwood, Heirloom, Homestead Blue, Inglenook, Lamp White, Laurentian, Liberty Blue, Lichen, Limestone, Little Lamb, Little Star, Little Teapot, Little Whale, Midnight Blue, Mist, Mustard, Paisley, Park Bench, Pebble, Peony, Picket Fence, Plaster, Prairie Sunset, Pressed Fern, Putty, Raw Silk, Renfrew Blue, Rose Water, Seaside, Soap Stone, Sterling, Tuscan Orange, Twilight Geranium, Upper Canada Green, Victorian Lace


37ml tester pot, 500 ml container


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