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It’s Too Hot For A Duvet!!

Yes, it is too hot for a duvet. But not if you choose the right one.

Duvets can be made out of many different fills. Down from goose or duck, wool, or even silk.

Let’s talk about my favourite, the Silk filled.

Mulberry silk filled duvets are designed to keep your body temperature regulated.Not too hot, not too cold.

The breathability of the silk lets excess heat escape, letting you have a more enjoyable sleep. Silk duvets drape around your body, giving you less cold spots. In the winter months it keeps you warm on those frosty nights. In the summer , because it breathes, keeping you cool.

These duvets are light weight. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t like a heavy covering. Also great for arthritis sufferers. Sometimes the weight of blankets can be an issue for them. Myself included. I find them easy to move in the middle of the night.

This is an all year duvet. No need to switch it out seasonally. I started using on 2 years ago, and haven’t taken it off my bed yet.

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Do you Sleep “au natural?”

Do you sleep “au natural?’ And we don’t mean “in the buff”.

We have all seen different brands of “bamboo” sheets. Have read what they are made from? Ours are made from 100% bamboo.

Not a microfiber blend of anything. Microfiber products are oil and coal based. So it’s basically a plastic fiber. Not so comfortable to sleep in, or good for the environment.

So, yes we sleep “au natural”.

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Let’s Talk Sheets

There are so many different types of cotton sheets. How do you choose the right one for you?

Combed cotton, 200 thread count, 400 thread count, or even 1000 thread count?

Let us explain thread count. Thread count does matter, but can also be a preference.

We sell a 200 thread count combed cotton. This does not mean it is of less quality than our 1000 thread count sets. It is a thread size. If you took a 4″x4″ square there would be 200 threads per square woven together. The thread is a thicker thread. For a 1000 thread count the threads would be finer in order to fit 1000 in the same square. Combed cotton means exactly that. It has been combed to make it feel softer to the touch. Our Hotel Classic Sheets are 1000 thread count. Super fine threads woven together to make it feel luxurious against your skin. Almost a satin feel. Both have excellent qualities.

And just so you know, we have tried all the sheets we sell. If they are on my shelves, that means they are of excellent quality. And have gone through many washes and dries before they get there.

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We made this bed.

We made this bed for one of our clients. We chose Matrix Coverlet set and Hotel Classic Sheet Set white/ gold. This provided the client with a year round base. As the seasons change they choose different accent cushions and throw blankets. This is the summer look. In winter they add a buffalo plaid blanket in red and black, along with winter themed toss pillows.